We make data work for the
non-standard workforce.

In 2017, we started Steady App to give non-standard workers tools and guidance to increase their income. Today, the platform helps more than five million members earn, on average, over $5,500 more per year.

At the onset of the pandemic, we realized the need to explore institutional interventions that could benefit this workforce. From our work in providing emergency cash grants to expanding benefit access to uncovering data on the effectiveness of policy solutions, we found our impact was magnified when we addressed systems-level change.

We now partner with employers, governments, and financial institutions to help their systems work better for non-traditional workers.

By extracting insights from data on more than 1.5 billion enriched financial transactions and over 151 billion enriched deposits, we help streamline benefits administration, quantify earnings, expand access to credit, reduce fraud, improve outcomes, and increase equity.

As more and more people join America’s non-standard workforce, we’re committed to helping institutions understand and support the immediate and ongoing financial health of those workers.

Steady App

We designed our Steady App with three key functions in mind. To date, we have more than five million members benefiting from these tools.


Lifting Members’ Income

Steady offers personalized income recommendations and community-driven financial insights so members can elevate their income in a way that is both accessible and immediate.


Effective Benefits Delivery

Steady is dedicated to getting money to people seeking ways to generate more income by ensuring accurate and efficient benefits distribution.


Cash When Members Need It

Millions have been paid to the Steady community through emergency cash grants, cash incentives, and guaranteed income disbursements available for Steady Members to earn more.

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