The Power of User-Permissioned
Income Verification

Income Passport is a peerless user-permissioned income verification platform that combines analysis of transaction data from connected financial institutions and gig platforms.

Unparalleled Speed & Accurate Data
Introducing Income Passport

Income Passport lets applicants connect their financial institutions (e.g., banks, credit unions, digital wallets) and gig platforms (e.g., Uber, Lyft, DoorDash) to our income intelligence engine. Our real-time analysis and forensics customize the experience for each user based on their data, simplifying the entire process while helping to ensure accuracy… We transform income data into verified income. 
This allows for real-time verification of 1099/gig/self-employment and supplementary income (e.g. contributions, interest earned, dividends) for public benefits applicants. This includes the ability for participants to report relevant expense data, make contextual notes on earnings and accounts, and upload supplementary documents (e.g. paystubs and tax forms), which more accurately reflect their true income.
Income Passport – Income Verification

Outcomes for Applicants

  • Shorten the application process by 30%
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Applicants share their information once
  • Remove extended delays in receipt of benefits for applicants

  • Income Passport – Government Agencies

    Outcomes for Government

    • Reduce the number of touchpoints required to make a determination
    • Single digital paystub of gig and 1099 income for any non-standard worker
    • Income verification in under 10 minutes
      • Reduce administrative burden
      • File determination time
      • Denials due to incomplete files
      • Cancel rejections for files that expired before a determination could be made
      • Application churn rates associated with denials and churn for lapsed renewals

    How Income Passport Works

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    Step 1

    The applicant will receive a secure invitation for income verification via email, text message, QR Code, or physical document.

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    Step 2

    Income Passport verifies the applicant’s income sources — financial institutions, digital wallets, gig platforms, employers, and payroll providers.

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    Step 3

    Our consent-based income verification tool easily guides applicants to report their income earned across various sources and enter their expenses.

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    Step 4

    Income Passport aggregates income and expense data into an easy-to-read report. The applicant reviews, approves, and submits the information.

    Income Passport Real Results

    “Income Passport uses sophisticated technology to streamline the income verification process both for applicants and for agencies.” 
    – Melissa Wolf, Deputy Director, Missouri Family Support Division

    State of Alabama

    Alabama decreased process time from 30-60 minutes to 1-2 minutes.

    State of Louisana

    Louisiana decreased their benefits receiving time from 21 days to less than 1 day.

    State of Missouri

    Missouri Social Services were able to cut their decision-making time by 30%.

    State of Missouri

    Missouri saw a 24.8% reduction in rejections due to incomplete files.

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    “This is a win-win for the state and for workers. I know for sure that the national and state job market will continue to change in the future. Equipped with solutions like the Income Passport, state can stay ahead of worker’s needs and better manage government resources, both in times of growth and in times of crisis.”

    Secretary Fitzgerald Washington

    Secretary of the Alabama Department of Labor, Board of Directors, National Association of State Workforce Agencies


    "This is about harnessing the potential of technology to expand economic opportunity for a segment of the population that is exploding but often struggles to access credit. It reflects the fact that the way financial institutions verify income history is out of step with the way that a growing number of
    Americans work and earn."

    Derrick Bailey

    President of Telhio Credit Union


    “Claimants that would normally wait weeks or months, are getting paid in days or even hours… Steady’s Income Verification is a great gatekeeper and great validator. Steady allows rapid decisioning for people who deserve it, and they are a deterrent to fraud. The old way was a sieve for fraud.”

    Richard Pierce

    Louisiana Workforce Commission, State Level Employee


    “The best way to build tools that support workers is to include those workers in the development process. By listening to the insights, perspectives, and recommendations of workers, Steady has created a tool that will help millions of people take control of their own data and access critical benefits to support themselves and their families.”

    Angela Vogel

    Union Leader, Philadelphia’s Drivers Union


    “The past year has revealed the profound misalignment between the realities of the labor market, and outdated infrastructure that the government uses to verify benefits eligibility. By putting data in the hands of workers, we can modernize the process to boost payment accuracy and better serve a growing and critical segment of the economy.”

    Adrian Haro

    CEO, The Workers Lab

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