Missouri Case Study:

Income Verification Innovation for
Medicaid & SNAP

The Challenge

  • Difficulty in Verifying Recent Income: Growing numbers of self-employed and gig workers make obtaining up-to-date income verification challenging.
  • Inadequate Traditional Verification Systems: Systems designed for W2 workers do not accommodate the variable income of self-employed and 1099 workers.
  • Administrative Overload: Self-employed workers need to compile various documents and the time-consuming process for caseworkers to review unstructured data significantly increase the administrative burden.

  • About the Pilot

    The Solution

    In 2023, Missouri Family Support Division (MO FSD) piloted Income Passport to understand participants’ receptiveness to the technology, its impact on the department’s workflow, and its ability to report on the most recent income data.

    The pilot’s scope was focused on the following:

  • Cases with any SNAP, TANF, or Child Care combination.
  • Case interviews, as well as any other need to verify self-employment income (e.g., in the processing of a pending case).
  • Verification of both self-employment income as well as other contributions such as financial support from family, dividends, child support, etc.

  • Missouri Pilot_Income Passport

    The Income Passport Pilot for Missouri Family Support Division

    The Results

  • Reports were 18 minutes on average, with 88% of report submissions happening within 24 hours.
  • 24.8% reduction in rejections due to incomplete files
  • 31.6% reduction in decision time, resulting in qualified Participants receiving benefits ~4 days earlier.
  • Income Passport yielded a 6.3% reduction in average caseworker touchpoints to finish a case.

    Before & After SteadyIQ

  • Participants had no cancel rejections and no application churn, compared with traditional method:
    • 4.2% Cancel Rejections (non SteadyIQ) vs. 0.0% Cancel Rejections (w/ SteadyIQ) — MO
    • 11.1% Application Churn (non SteadyIQ) vs. 0.0% Application Churn (w/ SteadyIQ)
      • The percent of traditional cases denied benefits that reapplied for benefits within 1 month, creating redundant work and adding to the existing backlog.

  • ”

    “The Income Passport uses sophisticated technology to streamline the income verification process both for applicants and for agencies themselves — with meaningful results. SteadyIQ worked closely with state agencies to understand workflows and processes, so that their tool delivers what is needed - a reduction in our administrative burden and an improved client experience."

    Melissa Wolf

    Deputy Director, Missouri Family Support Division

    Other States & Income Passport

    State of Alabama

    97% Reduction

    97% reduction in claim processing times from 30-60 minutes to 1-2 minutes.

    State of Louisiana

    95% Reduction

    95% reduction in unemployment insurance benefit delivery from 21 days to less than 1 day.

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