Track, verify, and share the impact
of benefits and interventions.

We can equip you to easily track the impact of any program, from upskilling and tax incentives to cash grants and financial coaching. Automatically gather financial data, send surveys, and collect testimonials.


Impact Analysis

We provide user-friendly self-service dashboards that allow our partners to easily track the impact of any program, automatically gathering financial data, sending surveys, and collecting testimonials. This makes for powerful presentations, compelling communications, and the evidence needed to take a program from pilot to policy.


“This is a win-win for the state and for workers. I know for sure that the national and state job market will continue to change in the future. Equipped with solutions like the Income Passport, state can stay ahead of worker’s needs and better manage government resources, both in times of growth and in times of crisis.”

Secretary Fitzgerald Washington

Secretary of the Alabama Department of Labor, Board of Directors, National Association of State Workforce Agencies


"This is about harnessing the potential of technology to expand economic opportunity for a segment of the population that is exploding but often struggles to access credit. It reflects the fact that the way financial institutions verify income history is out of step with the way that a growing number of
Americans work and earn."

Derrick Bailey

President of Telhio Credit Union


“Claimants that would normally wait weeks or months, are getting paid in days or even hours… Steady’s Income Verification is a great gatekeeper and great validator. Steady allows rapid decisioning for people who deserve it, and they are a deterrent to fraud. The old way was a sieve for fraud.”

Richard Pierce

Louisiana Workforce Commission, State Level Employee


“The best way to build tools that support workers is to include those workers in the development process. By listening to the insights, perspectives, and recommendations of workers, Steady has created a tool that will help millions of people take control of their own data and access critical benefits to support themselves and their families.”

Angela Vogel

Union Leader, Philadelphia’s Drivers Union


“The past year has revealed the profound misalignment between the realities of the labor market, and outdated infrastructure that the government uses to verify benefits eligibility. By putting data in the hands of workers, we can modernize the process to boost payment accuracy and better serve a growing and critical segment of the economy.”

Adrian Haro

CEO, The Workers Lab

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